Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday

These fire safety tips will keep your holiday celebrations from going up in flames.

House fires are common accidents during the winter holiday season. With a little caution, you can protect your family and property from these potential dangers and damages. How many of the following fire safety tips are you already practicing?

  • Place your tree carefully. Live or fake, it needs to be far from your fireplace or any source of heat. Never light candles near your tree.
  • Choose fake trees carefully. Look for a label indicating that your tree is flame-resistant.
  • Keep live trees well watered. A dried-out tree is a much larger fire hazard than one that has been consistently hydrated.
  • Dispose of a live tree safely. Many out-of-control Christmas tree fires begin intentionally when a family member tries to burn it as an act of disposal.
  • Never leave candles unattended. Those little flames are beautiful, and they certainly create a cozy holiday atmosphere – but when not handled responsibly, they can turn dangerous and destructive.
  • Use space heaters in moderation. These heat sources are not designed to run constantly. Turn them off when you leave the room, and never use one while you're sleeping.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by. If a grease fire breaks out while you're preparing a holiday meal, water will only make it worse. A fire extinguisher could save your home.

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