Senior Health and Heart Disease: What to Know

Keep your ticker beating strong into old age!

As the years pass by, your heart becomes more and more vulnerable to heart disease. In fact, once your reach 65, you have an 84 percent chance of passing from heart disease. Staying heart healthy should be your number one priority as a senior. Here's what you should know!

  • Be aware of your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. Don't skimp on these screenings! They'll give you a good picture of where your heart heath could go in the next few years.
  • Test for diabetes regularly. Unmanaged diabetes often leads to heart disease. Ask your doctor about how to prevent type 2 diabetes from developing, how often you should test for it, and how to properly manage it if you have it.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle. As a senior, one of the worst moves you can make is to stop moving! Continue to work around the house, walk around the neighborhood, and enjoy your favorite activities that get you up and on your feet.
  • Get rid of your bad habits. It may be challenging, but it is never too late to quit smoking or cut back on your drinking.
  • Visit your doctor regularly. This is especially important if you are already experiencing some cardiac troubles. With the help of a medical professional, you can devise a healthy diet and exercise plan that will strengthen your heart, without putting you at risk.

You can learn more about our cardiology department and senior healthcare services at our website. If you need a physician referral, give us a call at 1-855-80PLAZA.

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