Cruise Safety: What To Know

Follow a few safety guidelines to keep your dream of a delightful cruise afloat.

Seeing a few cruise ship mishaps featured in the news can leave a traveler questioning whether or not such a getaway is a good choice. But as with all modes of transportation, it comes down to safety. Here are a few thing to know and do.

• Attend the ship's safety orientation session. On most cruise ships it's mandatory, but even if it's not, it's worth your while. You'll be informed of your nearest exits, lifeboat procedures and what to do in the case of an emergency.

• Practice good hygiene habits. Germs can spread easily in such close quarters, so be sure to wash your hands often and properly. This can reduce your risk of falling ill with anything from the flu to norovirus. Also, check a potential cruise line's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Vessel Sanitation Program rating to see what inspections have found.

• Plan for good health. Pack any necessary medications, prescriptions, your doctor's contact information and your health insurance card. If you have any health concerns while on your cruise, contact the ship's doctor.

• Make safe choices. Don't venture off alone, wear appropriate shoes on wet decks, leave valuables at home or in your room safe, avoid drinking alcohol in excess and resist climbing on railings while posing for pictures.

If you have a medical condition or take any prescription drugs, it's wise to visit your doctor before taking a trip. If you need help finding a doctor, use the Plaza Medical Center online Find a Physician service or call us at 1-855-80PLAZA for a physician referral.

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