Preventing and Treating Knee Pain with Exercise

Exercise can sometimes help prevent or alleviate knee pain.

Exercise can help prevent knee pain or, if you've already suffered a knee injury or undergone knee surgery, get you back on your feet faster. Conditioning your knees can help make them both stronger and more flexible. By building up the muscles surrounding your knee, your quads and hamstrings, your knee will experience less stress and strain. Gentle stretching can help keep the muscles surrounding your knee longer and leaner, increasing your range of motion. Here are a few exercises to try:

• While standing, hold on to something to steady yourself then stretch your quadricep by bending your leg backward at the knee and grasping your ankle with your hand. Keeping your back aligned and your knees together, use gentle pressure to pull your heel closer to your rear end. Hold for a count of 30. Also try standing up straight with your head, back and hips against a wall and your feet about shoulder length apart. Slowly slide down the wall until you're just about in a sitting position. Hold for a count of 10.

• While sitting, extend your legs out in front of you. Bend your body forward and slide your hands along the floor in front of you until you feel a good stretch. Hold for a count of 30. Also try lying on your back with one leg extended and the other bent at the knee. Lift the extended leg approximately 12 inches off the floor and hold for a count of 5.

Always talk with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. To learn more, visit the Joint Center of Fort Worth at Plaza online or call us at (817) 87-PLAZA.

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