Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

It’s true, you can enjoy the holidays and eat healthy too.

The holidays are quickly approaching and with that comes a lot of delicious meals and festive treats. Looking for a way to enjoy fabulous holiday foods but eat healthy too? Follow these 6 strategies:

1. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods. There’s no good reason to deny yourself a couple of your grandmother’s secret-family-recipe cookies or any other holiday dish. Every food has a place in a balanced diet.

2. Indulge in moderation. Pay attention to portion size when eating favorite holiday foods. A few bites of anything is okay, while super-sized or second helpings can be detrimental to a healthy diet.

3. Eat prior to parties or other food-focused events. Don’t show up for a holiday meal or party with an empty stomach. If you’re feeling famished, you’ll very likely overindulge. Instead, eat a healthy snack before an event that focuses on food.
4. Be choosy about beverages. Alcoholic beverages, eggnogs and holiday punches can pack, well, a punch when it comes to counting calories. Stick with water or low-calorie drinks, especially when eating more than you typically do.
5. Offer to help cook. If you have control over what goes into a dish, you can make ingredient substitutions in order to create healthier holiday fare.
6. Offset extra calories with extra exercise. Exercise can not only help put you in a healthy frame of mind, but it also, of course, burns calories. If you find yourself eating a little more, exercise a little more too.
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