3 Reasons to Get a Mammogram

There are many good reasons to get a mammogram.

It's easy to put off your mammogram. If you aren't experiencing any symptoms and you don't have any reason to worry, you may end up delaying your mammogram yet another month. Do you need a good reason to schedule your mammogram now? Here are three:

1. Early detection could save your life. A mammogram can detect tumors and other breast abnormalities before they become significant enough to feel during a physical breast exam, and before you might start to experience symptoms of breast cancer. An early diagnosis of breast cancer is critical; don't forget that breast cancer in its earliest stage can be treatable.

2. The American Cancer Society advises women to begin having an annual screening mammogram at age 40. Having an annual mammogram provides a record of your breast health history and gives a radiologist an easy way to see if something has changed over time. Talk to your doctor about when you should begin annual screenings.

3. A mammogram is a quick and painless procedure. You’ll be asked to undress from the waist up, and wear a gown or robe. While standing in front of an x-ray machine, your breasts will be x-rayed one at a time. Each breast will be compressed between the plates of the machine in order to spread out the breast tissue and get a good image. You’ll be asked to remain still and hold your breath for a few moments while each x-ray is taken. You may experience pressure, but it's very unlikely that you'll experience any pain.

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