Knee Pain: When to Worry

Knee injuries or disorders often require professional medical treatment.

Knee pain can signify an issue with your joint, ligaments or tendons. Joint pain can be dull, throbbing, sharp or otherwise. It can be temporary, reoccurring or chronic. Minor knee pain will often respond to RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression and elevation). On the other hand, knee injuries or disorders may require professional medical treatment. Find out when to worry, and better yet, when to see a doctor. Make an appointment to have your knee examined if:

  • You’re experiencing severe pain
  • Your knee shows signs of a physical deformity
  • You have hurt your knee during a sudden or major collision or fall, such as an accident or sports-related incident
  • There was a popping sound or sensation when you injured your knee
  • Your knee pain prevents you from walking properly or interferes with normal daily functioning
  • Mild knee pain persists and worsens
  • Your knee pain is accompanied by weakness or a sensation that your knee may give out
  • Your knee is swollen, red, or tender and warm

Find out the signs and symptoms of a knee sprain in our online Health Library. To learn about the Joint Center of Fort Worth at Plaza, visit us online. Call us at 1-855-80PLAZA for a physician referral.

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