What to Expect After Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are preparing for knee surgery, you probably have a few concerns about the recovery process. Without a doubt, having your knee replaced will increase your mobility and physical activity in a significant way. However, knee surgery patients must make their recovery process and physical therapy a priority. Here are a few tips about what you should expect during your recovery from knee replacement surgery. @Glowimages 131863.

Immediate recovery
Expect to spend a few days in the hospital after your procedure is complete. The key to successful mobility after your knee has been replaced is slow and steady movements. It is likely that you will be instructed to move your foot immediately after the surgery in order to prevent any type of blood clots or hemorrhaging that could occur.

If your knee was causing major problems for your physicality or mobility before the surgery, there’s a chance that your legs are not as strong as they could be otherwise. You will begin to build strength in your leg muscles in order to properly maneuver your new knee joint in anticipation of a more active lifestyle.

Pain treatment
While levels of discomfort and pain post-surgery may vary from person to person, every patient must manage their pain carefully. You may be put on an IV of pain medication in the hospital and it’s likely you’ll be prescribed pills to take once you are home. Remember to take the medication as prescribed in order to remain as comfortable as possible during the recovery process.

Resuming daily activities 
After you’re discharged from the hospital, there’s a good chance that you will become enrolled in a physical therapy program. This will help you gain mobility back faster as you build strength in your legs and muscles as well as in your new knee joint.

Keep in mind that it may be 4-6 weeks before you can return to your regular work or daily routine. However, you will be able to begin walking early on in your recovery with a walking aid. Expect to depend on that walking aid for a few weeks as you begin to build strength back in your leg. Also, driving may be resumed a week or two after surgery if your your car is an automatic. Otherwise, it may be up to 8 weeks before you are able to drive.

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  1. After knee replacement surgery, generally one needs to start with the physiotherapy to get recovery on a faster basis.