What Can Cause Blood Clots?

Blood clots in the veins and arteries can be caused by a number of factors. While sometimes clotting can be beneficial in the stopping of excessive bleeding, other times clotting itself can be quite dangerous. Knowing what causes blood clots can help you recognize the symptoms of a dangerous clot and seek proper treatment promptly.

Blood clots most commonly occur in people who are 65 years of age or older. They can result from medication use, medical conditions or lifestyle choices. A blood clot can result if you:Senior outside man

  • have previously had a blood clot, or a family history of blood clots
  • have varicose veins
  • have limited mobility and don’t move around very much
  • have recently undergone surgery
  • are a smoker
  • take oral contraceptives, hormone therapy medications, or breast cancer medication
  • are obese
  • are pregnant
  • have been diagnosed with cancer (have a port), have had a stroke, or have heart trouble
  • have a broken bone
  • have a severe bump or bruise
  • have spent significant time traveling by car, bus, train or plane

A blood clot in the brain, heart, the arteries of the neck, lung or inside a large, deep vein (a condition referred to as deep vein thrombosis) is a serious and sometimes life-threatening concern that has the potential for causing a heart attack, stroke or other medical emergency.

For more information, consult Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth’s online health information. To learn even more about blood clots, including how to prevent them, or to schedule an appointment to meet with a doctor, call Plaza Medical Center at 817-877-5292.

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