What Is Radiation Right?

At Plaza Medical Center, Radiation Right® is all about reducing a patient’s risk from the radiation exposure that is a part of certain tests, treatments and medical procedures. We take important steps to make sure that our patients receive the right imaging exam, at the right time, with the right radiation dose in order to ensure their safety. 

Right Exam
X-rays and other diagnostic imaging tests have great benefits, but some people worry about being exposed to ionizing radiation. That’s why we consider alternative exams and make smart choices in an effort to minimize exposure to radiation. If we advise a patient to have a test or procedure that involves exposure to radiation, he or she can rest assured that it is justified, the best possible option, and an instance where the benefits outweigh the risks.

Right Site
We verify that patients receive the right test or procedure using the Joint Commission Universal Protocol. Our employees routinely double-check patient information including the type of exam to be performed.

Right Dose
Our staff follows specific practices and nationally accepted guidelines to help prevent accidental or isolated incidents of excessive exposure, reduce cumulative radiation dose, and always give the lowest effective dose of radiation possible. We have a precise protocol, or detailed description of how each exam should be conducted. In addition, we customize the radiation dose based on our patient’s age, weight, medical history and body part being scanned. 

For more information on the Radiation Right initiative, contact Plaza Medical Center. Visit us online or call 817-877-5292.

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